Float. Relax. Enjoy.

A natural approach to stress relief.

Just 40 minutes from the Bucharest Center, our Spa and Float Room is located in Mogosoaia.

About Floatation Therapy

Floating is an individual therapy, recommended to both women and men who need a deep relaxation of mind and body.

You don't need to know how to swim because you will be floating without even trying.

You will float in a tank full of Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate). One of its many roles is to relax your muscles and nerves by increasing circulation and lowering blood pressure.

The water temperature is kept at skin temperature in order to mimic the feeling of floating in the air.

You won't feel the gravity anymore, that's why, many of our clients say they feel like being in the space.

Once you enter the float tank, you will be completely unplugged from all the noise, thoughts and distractions of your daily life.

Take time to relax and have a real break! You deserve it!

Floatation therapy is a mind blowing experience unlike anything you'd ever experienced before.


Relieves stress and anxiety

Improves sleep quality

Boosts creativity

Enhances senses

Strengthens the immune system

Accelerates the athlete's recovery process

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1 Float Session | 60'

Monday - Friday: 180 lei

Saturday - Sunday: 200 lei

3 Float Sessions | 60'

Monday - Friday: 450 lei

Saturday - Sunday: 550 lei

1 Float Session | 90'

Monday - Friday: 250 lei

Saturday - Sunday: 280 lei

3 Float Sessions | 90'

Monday - Friday: 600 lei

Saturday - Sunday: 650 lei